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Articles of Understanding

Congratulations! If you are here to agree to these articles, then you have been approved to join Team Network. If you are not sure if you have been formally approved, please contact someone on the leadership team before formally joining.

The following paragraphs below will give you a fundamental idea of how Team Network operates and what's expected of you!

These articles are not being presented as a contract. It is a document that lets you know how we do business in Team Network and what we are going to be expecting of you as a member in good standing.

Please read through the “Articles of Understanding” carefully. If you agree with these principles and are willing and able to live up to these standards and expectations, click on the "I Agree" button.

After you agree, the system will allow you to fill out the form to join.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you to help grow your business.


Curt Kowalski, President

Team Network Corporation


1) Introduction

We like to say that in Team Network “there are no rules,” but there ARE expectations. We are not defined as a “leads club.” Team Network is a networking group sharing information and ideas. Members “earn” their referral opportunities by building a respected reputation in this networking community. For our groups to thrive, the exchange of business referrals, “power partner” introductions, regular meeting attendance, attentive communication, and maintaining high standards are all critical. We expect members to come into the organization ready and interested in building mutually beneficial networking relationships.

2) Attendance

We expect regular attendance. We expect all members to make a “standing appointment” to be represented at each meeting. If the primary contact knows in advance that s/he cannot attend, we expect arrangements will be made to send a company representative. If a reasonable substitute does not exist, we understand. Most Teams meet twice-a-month. If a member misses 8 or more meetings over the course of the year (at least 2 out of 3), or they miss more than three meetings in a row, that member will be notified that their category may become open for replacement. We understand that there may be unforeseen or extenuating circumstances that can temporarily change one’s ability to maintain high attendance, and those reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For the benefit of the group and its members, we cannot accept consistent absences, or most of all, apathetic Team Members who do not have the courtesy to RSVP and cannot be counted on to be in attendance on a regular basis. This behavior will be considered grounds for dismissal.

3) Communication and Expected Activities

Regular and reliable communication is the key to growing and maintaining any important business or personal relationship. Team Network defines communication in a broad scope to include contributing to successful meetings, scheduling one-on-ones, “touches,” email or phone follow-ups, etc. Giving a high priority to these communication methods builds confidence in your professionalism, respect, and increases your chances to generate referrals. 

More specifically, being an “active member” means

  • attending a minimum of 2 out of 3 regularly scheduled meetings
  • making one referral or one introduction for a fellow Teammate/month
  • scheduling and participating in at least 1 “one-on-one” meeting/month
  • successfully getting four potential member guests/year to attend a meeting (1 per qtr)
  • spotlight your business and/or help sponsor one meeting/year

Each Team will keep track of such activities to help members maintain these expectations.

4) Hosting or Co-Hosting

When not on Zoom, we often have one or two hosts who enthusiastically expend their time and energy to plan, organize, pick up refreshments and the tab for networking events. We encourage you to volunteer to host an spotlight your business as well, once/year. 

5) Maintaining High Standards

We like to think that the members of Team Network are the cream-of-the-crop of our local business community. Our members are honest, knowledgeable, talented, and provide outstanding personal service. We all know how great it feels when we refer someone to a friend or colleague, and to be thanked for what a great experience they had with your recommendation. However, in the event that something does not go as well as planned with a referral, we expect that our members stand behind their work and not avoid the problem. If a complaint comes to our attention, we will initiate an inquiry. We understand that there is always two sides to every story. It’s our policy not to jump to conclusions, but when there is a pattern of complaints about a company or member from other members, or if after a reasonable investigation we discover that there has been a disregard for upholding common business standards, Team Network has the right to cancel a membership without a refund of dues.

6) Having and Maintaining Proper Licensing and Insurance

We expect that all members who join do so with all the proper licensing and insurance that is commonly expected in their industry, and that those are kept current and up to date. Learning otherwise after a member has joined will be considered grounds for dismissal.

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